Hello world!

Hi I'm Michael, and I live and work in London, UK.

You can read some of my thoughts on this blog.

I work as a lawyer as my day job but like some rubbish superhero, when night falls I write spaghetti code. Examples can be found in the following, which I've built (or am in the process of building) to help me learn:

The above have been built mainly with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

On the server side I use Node.js with the popular modules Express and Mongoose (with ejs for server-side templating). For persistence, I use MongoDB, but have dabbled in Firebase and CouchDB in the past.

On the client side I am increasingly using AngularJS but have also used predominantly jQuery in the past.

This site is hosted through Nginx on a Digital Ocean VPS (albeit in most cases using Nginx to proxy node apps running on the server) so I'm learning more about the command line and using Nginx.

You can contact me at mbg@outlook.com. You can also find my Github account here and if you're into that kind of thing my twitter account is @grabbeh.